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We specialize in original, authentic antique prints. No reproductions!
PDMP Gallery - Original Antique Prints

Welcome to the PDMP Gallery online store.  Feel free to click on any antique print category to your left to see all original, authentic prints within that category.  Note that some print categories may currently be empty. If you are unable to find a print of interest, feel free to contact us to see if we simply have not cataloged it yet (we still have thousands left to input).  Also note that some prints may be entered in multiple categories. You may also take advantage of the search bar in the upper right hand corner.


Regarding Evaluation of Prints

PDMP Gallery begins its evaluation of antique prints by classifying them according to the three categories established by Bamber Gascoigne in How to Identify Prints:

  • Originals are defined by whether “…a print is on paper of roughly the period of time the block, plate or stone was created, then the print itself is a straightforward and ‘original’ object of its time.”
  • Re-strikes are “a genuine version of the original print if it has been printed from the same plate.  As such it is merely a very late impression, known technically as a re-strike…It was a nineteenth-century innovation to limit artificially the size of the editions by specifying in advance the maximum number of impressions.”
  • Finally, reproductions are “where photography or electronic scanning has been used to recreate in a printed version an image already existing in another medium.”  (PDMP Gallery does not deal in reproductions of this type.)

The PDMP Gallery also evaluates prints by the following criteria:  information, when available, concerning the artist; engraver; publisher; printer; date of publication; comparison of sheet and image size; condition of print image; physical and aging state of being of the paper; condition and type of printing plate; methods used, i.e., printing process; mezzotint; aquatint; hand coloring at time of publication; and the rarity of the print to determine the value.

Regarding Discounted Prints (see link to the left, under 'Shop by Category')

The Discounted Prints section contains: prints that the research team could not fully document for store offering (some gems may be found by knowledgeable collectors); prints of obvious visual appeal but not of sufficient antique heritage; prints that are below PDMP’s standards of quality offerings for various reasons, i.e. excessive foxing, water stains, minor tears, need of cleaning, or are images and subjects that are not generally well known or appreciated.

All existing deficiencies will be noted with print offering.  All sales are final with no return policy.

Other Notes

Please read our Terms & Conditions for policies regarding checkout, returns, sales tax, and shipping & handling.  Note that all images are electronically water marked.  The antique prints themselves are not.

Our environment is smoke free.

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